Monday, November 18, 2019

Today was a great day back. We spent the morning exploring a story entitled, "I Kept My Promise to Mama, Even in Auschwitz" by Mirish Kiszner. It tells the story of two young boys who were sent to concentration camps during World War II. Students responded to the story with written journals. Their responses were emotionally stirring and beautiful. If you would like to read the story and chat with your kids about it, I've included it as a PDF below.

At home this evening, students need to:

 ❏ Read for 20-30 minutes today

 ❏ WE Day is Tomorrow. Students who are attending must arrive at Royal Heights by 7:20am in order to attend. Students who are late will be left behind.  ❏ Talk to your parents about the story of Shimon and Gershon.

 ❏ Purdy's Chocolate due Next Week

 ❏ Chipotle Day on Wednesday, November 20

 ❏ Merch Order due on Friday, November 22

 ❏ Hot Lunch Forms due on Friday, November 22

 ❏ Math Tests will be handed back on Wednesday

Notices and Homework:​

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