October 3, 2019

Today was a great day! We met our UBC student teacher, Ms. Kada-Wong, and spent the morning outside fundraising for camp. We delivered 400 garbage bags to neighbouring houses for our first bottle drive of the year. If you have any bottles to donate, please use the garbage bags or bring in your own!

At home this evening, students need to:

 ❏ Read for 20-30 minutes

 ❏ Complete Parent Survey

 ❏ Review FSA notices (See below if you haven't seen them)

 ❏ Art Project Family Interview


Below are PDF's of the three notices to download if you need them. Click image to download.

FSA Letter from Surrey Schools (English)

FSA Letter from Surrey Schools (Arabic)

FSA Information Sheet

from BCTF (English)

See you tomorrow!

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