Thursday, October 24, 2019

Another week down! The FSAs took up a big portion of our week this week. Students made great progress and are wrapping up the written portions and long answer math. Next week, they’ll be answering multiple choice reading comprehension questions and arithmetic questions. Because most of our work has been FSA’s, there will be no homework for the weekend except for daily reading, unless they are behind on their Ancestor Art Project, which is due on Monday at 2:30pm. They will only receive 40 minutes of time on Monday to finish it. 

Today was great day. Ms. Kada-Wong was here again and we spent the morning in Royal Heights Park learning about the positive and negative effects of humans on their environment. Students spent time exploring the park and looking for ways that human activity has benefitted this community, and some of the harm that’s been done.

Tomorrow is a professional development day. I’ll be on the North Shore with an outdoor education learning team.

Have a great weekend! See you all Monday!

At home this evening, students need to:

 ❏ Read for 20-30 minutes per day.

 ❏ Hoodie Orders due Monday (see below for colours)      I would like to order these next week!

 ❏ Go outside! It’s supposed to be sunny and gorgeous and our beautiful fall days are going to be gone soon!


Grad Hoodie Notice

Due Thursday, October 24

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